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Rewarding Repeat Clients First

 Repeat customers are one of the strongest links that make up the backbone of business. These clients can mean the difference between a lull period and outright failure for a business, and gifts can be a great way of keeping these clients satisfied and loyal. Unlike other types of promotional merchandise, these gifts are often a bit more expensive since they are not usually meant for large groups of people. 

Effective Promotional Gifts 

By considering a few key aspects of promotional gift giving, any business can maximize their intended impression with their clients, helping to maintain a friendly working relationship

Choosing a product that fits the right theme is a crucial aspect in finding the right gift. If a business offers food, a basket filled with delicious meats, cheeses and crackers can be a very effective way of saying, “Thank you for your business.” A nice, wooden desk clock or an elegant desk statue perfectly represent a home decor store, and a classy pen set fits the theme of a stationary or book store. Keeping these gifts in a set theme can help make a business look professional and organized.

Another important aspect is the actual client. It’s perfectly fine to use a general gift, but any knowledge about the customer can be used to add a personal touch to any gift, helping the client feel the closer to the business and staff. A wine enthusiast might enjoy a custom set of high-end wine glasses paired with a complimentary bottle. A sports fan would surely like all types of promotional products that depicted their favourite team, and a cigar fan could always use a nice box of cigars partnered with a fashionable lighter. Care should be taken to ensure that a business does not send a useless, or even offensive, gift to a client. A non-smoker would have very little use with a box of cigars, for example, and a person that’s against consuming alcohol might be offended by a bottle of wine.

Though not quite as artful, offering a discount to a large client is an excellent way of displaying appreciation. Discounts help show the client that your business cares more about their satisfaction than counting every penny. Even better, a discount coupled with any gift will surely make a client happy, and these discounts can be thoughtfully inserted into a variety of gifts and packages. It’s easy to slip a rolled up piece of paper into the middle of a gift basket, between the arms of a stuffed animal or in an empty slot in a desk organizer.

No two clients are alike, and as such, no two clients will want or desire the same gift. These customers are important, and careful consideration should be placed into which gifts should be sent to which customers. Sticking with a theme, considering the details of the client and offering discounts can help any business send a gift that will satisfy their repeat and large-scale clients.

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